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Ed Blitz and Sid Lawler grew up knowing they’d be in positions of power. Both came from a line of government officials and leaders who placed high emphasis on the duty to uphold the family name by assuming positions of power within the ruling class. Ed’s father, Edward Franklin “Frankie” Blitz II had been responsible for CIA public relations, which required him to make even the darkest deeds of its employees and associates as innocent as a newborn baby. Through his public relations service, he became well-acquainted with several international businessmen, not a few of which contracted him for their own PR-related concerns. Jackson Lawler, overseer of UN affairs and owner of a computer manufacturing plant in China, came to know Frankie Blitz quite well. The Lawlers and Blitzes raised their children to maintain the positions of power and esteem upheld by their families. Control had been bred into their beings.

It was at such a juncture in his life that Sid Lawler met Edward Blitz. With his father now dead and gone for just over two days, Lawler was already making plans for changes he would make in his inherited position as head of his father’s computer manufacturing empire in China. He knew just the guy to contact–Jerry Roberts, inventor of a new high-powered laser that transmitted high frequency signals. Roberts was smart–he’d already gotten a patent, which was why Lawler needed him, and he knew he wouldn’t refuse the big money offered in the deal. With a little research, he’d learned that Roberts had always dreamed of making it big–despising the blue collar laboring his parents did to pay the rent, which they didn’t always do. Roberts had spent his life moving from place to place, escaping his parents’ debts. Instead of making friends, he’d become involved with reading books about computers and lasers. His obsession paid off when he invented the new laser that used electromagnetic radio waves. He’d found a way to use the radio waves to read, change and implant thoughts, and everybody wanted it. Hence, the birth of Lasertech, and Jerry Roberts’ service to Lawler. The biggest problem was keeping the whole operation quiet, with no media involved, at least not in the crucial beginning stage… coincidence, or the synchronistic intermeshing of events, showed its face just then.

“I knew your father quite well. Brilliant man,” stated the aged well-dressed gentlemen who appeared in front of Sid. “I’m Frank Blitz, worked with your father; call me Frankie.”

Lawler shook his hand, his reverie interrupted. “Sid Lawler,” he offered.

“Please, anything I can do, call me.” He handed him a card which Lawler stuffed in his jacket pocket without looking at.

“Thank you,” he managed to say and nodded to Frankie who shuffled off surrounded by a couple of men in dark suits.

Weeks later, Sid sat looking at the card–Confidential Public Relations Services, it read. F.B. were the initials in the bottom left corner, with a pager number. Why not give the guy a call? Sid thought. He did know my father. 

Although Frankie wasn’t interested in Sid’s proposition, he referred him to somebody who would be–his son. Edward Blitz III. Young and energetic, the third Blitz had the endurance required for such a massive campaign. Sid agreed to a meeting with the younger Blitz.


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