Celebrating the wonders of all things natural!


Sitting on a metal bench at monorail station 42, Alexis pondered her next move. Something inside her told her that the lasers weren’t broken. That inner voice became suddenly stronger and she realized she should see Wynn. It has been years since she’d been to the spot, but she knew she could find it. Getting hungry, she headed to the food station and hoped it would release a pellet. Nothing. She attempted the monorail one more time. Again, the door remained shut when she stood in front of it. The people inside looked on blindly as she signaled for them to let her in. The tram took off without her. The people hurrying along on the cement sidewalk practically knocked her over, not seeing her as they passed by. As night fell, Alexis, worn and weary, curled up on a bench and willed herself to sleep.


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