Celebrating the wonders of all things natural!


The sun rising in the sky almost blinded Alexis as it shocked her awake with its brilliance. She felt natural in the sun, and unlike what she had been told, the heat felt nice and her skin was not burning or melting. She was the only soul around. She got on her feet and headed toward where she remembered Wynn to be. We walk by faith, she heard herself thinking. She tried to recall the details of a powerful dream she’d had, though it wasn’t quite clear right now, and she tried to focus on her thoughts as she walked along. It had been years since she’d been to Wynn’s and she had always gone by tram or car to his house, still she was somehow guided in the right direction. She was hungry, but she put the thought aside and kept walking. Her thoughts were wild today. She wished she could write them down. She wondered if her parents knew where she was. She passed a man dressed in black and said hello. He didn’t answer her. Am I still being ignored? Did they all know about her betrayal to society’s rules of order–her secret writings? She really couldn’t understand why it was so bad–but then, nobody did was was forbidden, and she had, so yes, she was bad. But somehow she was not sorry.

She walked along beside piles of junked computers, stacked about 4,000 feet high. She seemed to walk next to the heap for a long time. She guessed the computer graveyard must have stretched on for almost 10 miles. She’d never seen anything like it. The strange thing was, she recognized the letters on a flat piece of equipment–they looked like buttons. This stuff must be really old, she thought. Her jumbled mind seemed to slowly form into clear thoughts and as she walked, she felt lighter and in awe of the mystery called life that the world was living.


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