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Awe-sometimes (winter post… post-winter!)

[Somehow this stayed a draft and didn’t publish… nice to read it from the summery perspective of June!]


It’s November. The squash vine is dried and dead, and the bunny dug a hole under the fence and disappeared. I don’t see the hummingbirds that much, though a beautiful green-topped one graced the feeder while I sat outside talking on the phone yesterday. I named it Hope. It was then that I noticed how yellow the leaves were getting on the Ficus tree. You still have to water the trees, I told myself… even if the wonders of summer have gone.


We still maintain. We water the trees and Love the periwinkle that decided to come back from the edge of death and bloom, despite the holy basil that slumps over, even after all my efforts to keep the snailed herb thriving. Kapoor basil seedlings wait, full of Faith, to be transplanted and have a chance to survive and grow in a new and bigger home. Look to them, hopefully.


Inordinate stores of energy and stubborn will are required to keep on tending to our gardens when seasons change and things don’t bloom as we had expected. We have a choice. We could give up and let everything die, or we can make the effort and see the beauty that is there… if we take the time to look.


Here’s to the strength to keep going in the everyday grayness that life can seem. Thankfully, we somehow push through the blah and keep faithfully watering those trees… for greener leaves tomorrow.


Faith, Hope and Love carry us through these winterish times… through the changes that challenge us to grow… and eventually bloom… when the season is ripe. The behind-the-scenes work of regular watering, attention and care make more difference than we may be aware. It’s the constant care, regardless of the current conditions, that brings us beauty we can appreciate in the future. As with anything we do in life, persistence pays off.


Though we may wonder, naturally, when we will see the fruits of our labors… keep on keeping awe…