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Hatching a Plan

Summer, my favorite season, represents sunshine, relaxation and lounging! And this summer delivered us an extra dose of joy… and anticipation, in our own backyard. I almost said, “with no effort by us,” but then I realized, this may not be true. While we didn’t consciously prepare for our summer surprise, we did create the conditions for it to happen. We (okay, mostly I) cleared our clutter in the backyard, added some beautiful greenery and plants and made a little backyard sanctuary.

So what happened?

Well… I was sitting in my patio chair last month when I looked up and saw this:


“What is that?” I asked myself, shaking off a fleeting fear that it was a wasp’s nest or something. I don’t recall the exact moment I realized it was a nest, but not a scary one… a beautiful mama hummer had decided to make a home for her soon-to-arrive egg/babies in a ficus tree right in front of our sliding glass door in our backyard! (Expect good things!)

I was so thrilled to realize it was a nest and set off researching how long after the nest was built the babies should be expected. We eagerly waited, happily watching mama hummer flit in and out of the nest in preparation.

Then… a little while later, we peeked inside the nest and sure enough, an egg!


I read that sometimes the mama will lay another egg a day later, and she did! Two eggs!!!

Now came more waiting for them to hatch… 14-16 days, I read online. When 16 days came and went, I started to wonder if those eggs would ever hatch, and a friend/vet/bird expert said sometimes they don’t hatch. I expectantly waited nevertheless, having several dreams about the nest being moved, knocked down and the babies being harmed… why do we do this?

Then after a few more days, I saw mama hummer perched on the side of her nest with her beak inside! Babies!! I was filled with exhilaration and excitement! They hatched (have faith!)!!

We tried to take a picture without getting too close, and they are hard to make out, but we know they are there!

See them?!


I marveled at the miracle of nature, where a tiny little bird labors for days finding little pieces of natural materials to build a solid, stable home, laying eggs and sitting patiently − regally in our mama’s case − and then caring for the little tiny babies, restlessly. (Amazing what one little creature can do!)

Mama hummer twitters and flies around us when we’re in the yard now, letting us know she expects her space. Now we’re anticipating seeing the babies learn to fly! (Great expectations!) I saw a tiny little beak in the nest when I tried to peek inside… again, being so careful not to get too close and disturb them.

The miracle of new creations right in my own backyard is the perfect reminder to cultivate beauty in our surroundings, because we never know what wonderful things will hatch when we clear our spaces and create serene, natural environments, with love.



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