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Professor Dolores Cahill explains how the “cytokine storm” is an antibody dependent response of the human body and how that explains the increase in deaths after taking the coronavirus vaccine.

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“This is it Roberts!” Sid shouted, jumping out of his chair. “The codes! Murphy’s finally done it. Now we can access and override all communications systems within a quarter of an hour!”

“That fast? Jeezu!” marveled Ed triumphantly. “In the twinkling of an eye, we’ll have the world at our fingertips!” he said, holding up his hands to high five with Sid Lawler and Jerry Roberts. They slapped hands and Edward Blitz sang and danced around the room. “We’ll have the whole world in our hands, we’ll have the preachers and the teachers in our hands, we’ll have the mothers and the fathers in our hands, we’ll have the sisters and the brothers in our hands, we’ve got the whole world in our hands!” The three men smiled smugly, feeling good about themselves and their new success.

“Genius is so precious and so powerful. Such a rare commodity, and one that we possess to an incredible degree,” gloated the 50ish bald hulk of a man referred to by his associates as Sly Sid. He was lauded among his colleagues for the successful development and implantation of Central Headquarters’ Implants Pins, aka CHIP. The plan was to use this new technology–a tiny microchip the size of a pinhead–and implant it into every man, woman and child across the Earth. Central Headquarters would then have access to any information and transactions involving that CHIP, and through the implant, could also control its host’s actions, attitudes and even thoughts by transmitting electromagnetic radio waves picked up by the CHIP.

The phenomenal popularity of CHIP with the public was a definite surprise among Sid’s associates. Its success was owed in part to the campaign headed by Ed Blitz III, and funded by Sid & Co. The hook was convenience. With the average person working 40-plus hours per week, time and convenience were of utmost importance. Why not help people save precious time by eliminating the hassle of dealing with money and cash–always having to stop at the bank to put it in or out–and the change! Scraping for that last dime was a waste of time for the scraper and for those waiting behind him.

The solution? CHIP. This device would serve as a scanner that would automatically subtract the purchase price of a product or service from one’s “account,” thus saving people the time and inefficiency of carrying cash.

Implanted pins could also interface with Central Headquarters via lasers located around the city or with a personal computer. People could even collect their paychecks through the CHIP. It only had to be inserted once with a tiny needle into one’s right hand, and life became so much easier.

Realizing the implications of such technology, the authorities wholeheartedly supported the implant and even offered free implantation (for a limited time) to citizens.

President of Lasertech Jerry Roberts secured a private grant to install CHIP lasers in every grocery and department store nationwide, free of charge to the merchants.

It seemed almost too simple–as such it raised little suspicion or concern among the often hostile, questioning sea of citizens collectively called “the public.”

If there was any squeak of opposition from the public regarding CHIP’s use, it was deafened by pointing out the CHIP’s additional merits as an identification and tracking device. Containing all the vitals: name, identification number, parents, blood type and on down the list, one quick scan of the tiny microchip would reveal just about everything about a person. Gone went the filling out of forms, as one swipe of the CHIP could instantly transfer such information into a company’s data bank or computer. People’s time was spared in doctor’s offices, federal offices, DMV and the like.

Not to mention an even greater virtue of CHIP–finding missing persons. Any parent whose child has a CHIP will worry less about kidnapping, knowing their children can be found no matter where they stray (or are taken) by simply activating CHIP’s honing system. The lost sheep are located in minutes. In fact, the initial testing of the identification tracking system was done on animals, as is very often the case. “Vaccinate your pet against loss with Infopet microchip ID,” read the earlier propaganda. The product’s success in pets made it all the more attractive to humans.

Fueled by the media hype regarding the CHIP’s merits, people lined up in droves to get their own implants. Those stubborn few who clung to carrying cash soon had a hard time buying food and clothing in stores which now only accepted the CHIP laser payment method, as a matter of convenience.

As the United States’ and its allies’ citizens became modernized, Sly Sid Lawler and a handful of close associates (friends would be stretching reality) became billionaires. But money was not the final objective.

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Oh Toro!

toroOn August 7, 2017, I was invited to a full moon ceremony by a friend (who ended up missing the event!). Five of us gathered around the fire to honor the sacred journey we’re living and to set intentions (and let go of other things) for the next moon cycle.

As I drove home post-ceremony, I drove out of my friend’s residential neighborhood and was greeted by flashing lights. Was it a roadblock? My light turned green, but I wasn’t sure if I should move or stay… and then one of the police SUVs with flashing lights drove into the intersection. Something strange was happening… but I wasn’t sure what, and then, I saw it! A cow! Yes, a cow was running down the road in this residential area; at the intersection it made a right turn. A cow?! I wanted to take a picture of this strange unexpected sight, but I thought better of it, as too many police SUVs were there, so I drove on and instead, texted my friend about the cow running down the road.

Too weird! Flash forward two weeks to August 21. My daughter and I were driving to watch the solar eclipse, and this huge truck with a Toro company emblem was in front of us, making us drive very slowly. And that’s when I knew; it had to be!

My friend had told me about a week earlier that the cow I’d seen running down the road was actually a bull. A mutual acquaintance of ours had been boarding the bull at his ranch a few miles from where I’d seen it running down the road, and he had recently posted the sad outcome of the escaped bull. Apparently the bull had somehow made it to the 101 freeway! It ran down the freeway, only to be hit, head on, by a Tesla!

This seemingly strange occurrence contains some interesting synchronicity for me, and I’m sure there is a message I’m supposed to be hearing. I’m still trying to figure it all out, but this is what I know so far.

Several years ago, I dated a man named Antonio who lived in Minnesota, but worked in California for a company called… Toro. Tony sadly died from ALS, and I wrote a book, Firefly, about our love and the time we shared together. Toro means bull. Way back when, Tony had given me a little plastic bull that I still have today; I remembered seeing it in my planter where it had somehow landed after a move 9 months ago. Tesla is my all-time favorite car. Every time I see a Tesla, I say, “Tesla baby!” and hope to have a Tesla one day… I have a whole plan to write for Tesla as Tesla Tracy.” So the fact that the bull (toro) I happened to chance upon seeing after leaving the full moon ceremony ended up being hit by a Tesla, to me says something.

My friend read me some information about the spiritual significance of the bull, which includes security and spirituality. I researched a few sites too:

“The Bull, or Bison, is a symbol of abundance and manifesting goals.” -http://astromatrix.org

“Some cultures, however, tie the Bull to moon worship because of this spirit animal guide’s crescent-shaped horns. This gives Ox the ability to bridge between two worlds – that of sun and moon, and that of intuition and reason. Nonetheless, the Ox has a very stubborn, fierce side that requires taming and guidance.” -WhatsMySpiritAnimal.com

Being aware of messages given to us from spirit adds a dimension of depth and exciting reality to life here on Earth. Interpreting and understanding these signs we’re given is an art of living. Ole!

This article was originally published in Your Health Connection Magazine as a Special Health Bulletin

Take Note! The Healing Power of Sound

By Tracy Marcynzsyn

We are all familiar with the ability of music to move us — even to stir our souls. Music evokes every emotion under the sun, often prompting us to sing, dance, relax or recall special moments. As it impacts our feelings, music also profoundly affects our health and well-being.

“Since the earliest times, we’ve needed food, shelter, and music,” says sound healer Pam Gerrand. And historically, every culture throughout the world has used music communally, to commemorate life passages from birth, to death, to celebrations, adds Gerrand. “Music and sound were used to share great human emotions, allowing us to recognize the emotions and then let them go so they don’t get stuck,” explains Gerrand during a recent sound workshop in Thousand Oaks.

While the healing power of music was well known and regarded as medicine for the body and soul by just about every ancient civilization from India and Africa to Europe, the Orient and the Aboriginal and Native Americans, music as a healing modality is once again beginning to gain recognition among today’s health care practitioners. Even Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used sound to restore harmony in the body, bathing his patients in sound showers comprised of frequencies geared to their specific ailment.

Music’s numerous health benefits have been documented in recent scientific studies, ranging from reduced blood pressure, increased energy, a stronger immune system and less stress to reducing the frequency of migraine headaches and relieving the effects of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. Researchers from Hans Jenny, who developed the field of Cymatics, visualizing sound frequencies’ effects on matter, to Dr. Masaru Emoto who studied the effects of sound on water and Dr. Alfred Tomatis who showed how high frequency sounds can affect the brain and may even create new neurological connections, have demonstrated music’s powerful affects on the human body and soul.

“The therapeutic effects of sound and music are a natural and innate part of our being. From a mother’s first song to her unborn baby to the therapeutic effects of a good cry, to the eerie spine-tingling sensation of fingernails scratched over a blackboard, sound affects our physical and psychological state automatically,” as stated on http://www.BioWaves.com, by a company specializing in vocal analysis and low frequency sound therapy.

The key to music’s ability to support and enhance healing is vibration. “Sound is a vibration, and any sound generator will cause other particles (atoms, electrons and subatomic particles) to act as resonators, picking up the sound from the source. The change in the vibration of subatomic particles resonating to music can impact how larger structures such as atoms and cells are structured,” as explained on http://www.peacetour.org by The World Peace Through Technology Organization (WPTTO), a non-profit corporation with the mission of inspiring world peace through technology. “If healing can take place on an atomic or cellular level, [music] can conceivably heal the entire human being, cell by cell,” says WPTTO.

Such is the science behind “vibroacoustics.” Defined as “the process of hearing sound vibrations through the body,” vibroacoustic music (VAM) resonates the body directly through nerves, skin, and bones — the sound is not directed to the ears. According to Dr. Drew Pierson, a psychologist with electrical engineering experience, “The body holds emotional events in cellular memory. The use of vibration from 4.5 to 1,800 Hz has the effect of disengaging those resonant patterns that seem to run in loops and fixate themselves in the body. Vibroacoustics changes the bioelectrical signature of the emotional imprint, allowing healing to occur at the cellular level.”

NexNeuro Care’s SMART (Stress Management And Relaxation Therapy) Lounge combines vibroacoustics built into a comfortable mattress with binaural beats (auditory tones that influence the brain in more subtle waves through the entrainment of brainwaves) to provide audio and tactile stimulation to the mind and body, delivering “natural stimulants” in a passive, non-invasive process that exercises the brain and central nervous system and appears to balance the nervous system and clear cellular memory.

The SMART Lounge has demonstrated potential as part of an integrated medicine approach to relieve the effects of neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s patients using the SMART Lounge have reported less tremors, better balance, reduced pain, stronger speech, decreased anxiety, relief of motor dysfunctions and improved sleep. The therapy also shows promise in extending mobility and relieving symptoms, thus reducing reliance on life-long drug treatment.

“The music surrounds and encompasses your body; it’s soothing and comforting,” says Mary, who has Parkinson’s disease and experienced the SMART Lounge last March at the American Parkinson Disease Association Midwest 2009 Symposium in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.

Also linking music with Parkinson’s patients is Dr. Ron Tinter at the Methodist Neurological Institute in Texas. Dr. Tinter is using music to help Parkinson’s patients with coordination and movement. His goal is to find the most “kinesigenic,” or movement-promoting music that will keep those with Parkinson’s moving.

“Parkinson’s patients have trouble with coordination — they take small, slow steps, and then stop for no reason. It’s as if their brain suddenly forgot how to walk. But music keeps them going, because it gives them a beat to hang on to,” says Dr. Tinter in a report by Melissa Glavez at KUHF NewsLab in Houston, Texas.

With more than a million Americans suffering from the crippling effects of Parkinson’s disease, music therapies are increasingly being integrated into conventional treatments as the benefits of sound therapy gain recognition among doctors and the medical community.

The Mayo Clinic is among the increasing number of institutions combining complementary and alternative therapies with conventional care. While music therapy techniques are currently on the rise, doctors have been using sound as therapy for decades. As early as the 1940s, U.S. Veterans hospitals began using music to help treat soldiers returning from World War II, and in 1944, the first music therapy degree program in the world was established at Michigan State University. More recently, researchers at California State University in Fresno found music helped substantially reduce headaches in migraineurs, and in a joint study by UCLA and Georgia Baptist Medical Center in Atlanta, music helped premature babies gain weight faster and use oxygen more efficiently, compared with babies in control groups without music.

Today, many hospitals and medical institutions offer music therapy for patients, finding music helps to reduce the need for anesthesia and pain relievers, post-surgery. “Music itself has a magical way of taking people to different dimensions. It can be very healing just listening to music,” says sound healer and educator David Castle, who is certified in BioSonic Repatterning™ with John Beaulieu, ND, PhD. Castle uses Tibetan singing bowls and quartz crystal bowls to create sounds and vibrations that are healing to the body, mind and soul. As each of the body’s seven chakras, or energy centers, are tuned to a musical note, the sound vibrations of the crystal bowls travel quickly through the body, creating harmony, says Castle, noting that other ways of creating vibration and sound, such as tuning forks, the voice and chanting, can also be healing.

Comparing the body to a musical instrument, sound healer Jay Schwed explains, “When the instrument is not tuned properly, a state of dis-ease or imbalance occurs.” Emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental factors can cause imbalances in the body, while sound frequencies help “re-tune” the body.

“The sound and vibrations emanating from the crystal singing bowls re-tune the listener’s body, initially by opening, clearing, and rebalancing each of the seven major chakras, plus the high heart. It has been scientifically established that each of these chakras or energy centers are associated with a musical note or vibrational frequency,” explains Schwed.

U.S. Geneticist at the Beckman Institute of the City of Hope Hospital in Duarte, Dr. Susumu Ohno, takes it a step further, suggesting humans themselves are composed of music. Assigning a musical note to each of the six amino acids that make up the DNA code, Dr. Ohno examined the sound patterns formed by the DNA. Dr. Ohno found these notes actually formed patterns that created melodies. He found that the “notes” found in the DNA of a specific cancer formed a melody eerily similar to Chopin’s Funeral March.

Keeping the body in tune, or balanced, is as important today as it was during ancient times, when Egyptian healers used a “Faience bowl,” tuned to the note of F# for the high heart to facilitate healing, says Schwed.

“It’s like a tune up in a way,” says Thousand Oaks’ resident Deborah Nickson, whose husband, Richard Dubuc, serves as a crystal bowl practitioner. “It’s so energizing and brings such peace,” adds Nickson.

“Vibration is energy, and we’re energy,” explains Dubuc. “The frequencies of the bowls energetically break down the energy formed by one’s emotional and physical issues. When you get sick, something is not connecting in the body — there is dis-ease,” says Dubuc, adding that the crystal bowls affect our chakras, etheric and auric fields, and our DNA to heal and rebalance the body. “We become one as we merge this triad of the chakras and the astral and etheric bodies through sound and harmony. The body of emotions comes into alignment as we harmonize the whole being through sound,” says Dubuc, who creates a circle of bowls as a sacred space within which one can experience “the music of the spheres.”

“Sound healing is the future of healing,” believes Jeffrey Gero, PhD, a stress management pioneer, noting that in today’s busy, stressful times, sound is a great tool to help us relax and unwind. “We need to relax every day,” says Gero. “Stress reduces the body’s ability to fight disease. By recharging the body and nervous system, we revitalize what stress has taken away. Gero says binaural beats and vibroacoustics harmonize the immune system, helping to “undo what stress has done” and induce relaxation. Relaxing causes us to feel calm and less anxious, lowers blood pressure, slows breathing, increases blood circulation, and releases the body’s natural chemicals like serotonin, helping to relieve pain and spasms in muscles and joints as well as decrease muscle tension and headaches.

The profound effects of music may well extend beyond our own well-being and healing, as our vibrations and frequencies affect those around us. “By raising the vibrations within us, we can create a situation on this planet that is full of harmony and peace,” says Castle.

For further reading about sound therapy:

The Mozart Effect by Don Campbell

Music Therapy for Non-Musicians by Ted Andrews

Rhythmic Medicine: Music With a Purpose by Janalea Hoffman



Sometimes plans don’t turn out the way you expected, and sometimes miracles happen, and we’re surprised.

Such was the case on last weekend’s trip to take my kids to the Fare Thee Well Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary concerts in Santa Clara. First change was kids turned to kid as my son announced he couldn’t go b/c of work, and b/c he didn’t want to listen to a bunch of old people playing music. Since he’s 17, I obliged and left him home.

My 14-year-old daughter and I made it to the concert with time to spare, after a grueling drive and battling with parking and coordination issues. On the drive up I felt so much excitement about the idea that popped into my mind to give someone a “miracle” with my extra ticket that I’d bought for my son. Selling the ticket didn’t fill me with the joy thinking about giving a miracle did. So we stood outside the entrance as people milled around and I looked for someone who needed a ticket. For anyone who doesn’t know, at every Grateful Dead show, people walk around holding one finger in the air saying, “I need a miracle,” which translates to a free ticket into the show.

A couple walked by me pushing a stroller with two young kids, and, oh my G! “Trinity?” I said to the guy with the long beard and soulful eyes. How amazed was I to see my old friend from Kauai, with his wife, Mary Martha, and 2 kids! I hadn’t seen him in probably 15 years, and there he was, beard, family and all! Talk about cosmic connections…

Soon after, a cute young girl with dark hair walked up with her finger in the air. I made eye contact with her and handed her the ticket. Perfect timing. We walked in to the tune of Uncle John’s Band. “Wo, oh, what I want to know, is are you kind?”

Hundreds of roses were set inside the entrance, so we gathered some. Wending our way to our section through the dancing crowds, a girl said to me, “My name is Rose.” Of course, I gave her a rose.

As my daughter and I made it to our seats and sat down at long last, we listened to the music, which I realized the next night, seemed more of a warm up jam to the familiar songs we know and love. I was run down, sick with a bad cold and just basically exhausted. My daughter had a headache, said the guitar was too loud and was giving her a headache and there was too much smoke. Feeling a little low about the scene, all of a sudden, I looked toward the sky. A beautiful, brilliant and vibrantly colored rainbow arched across the sky above the stadium. rainbow

As more and more people began to notice it, the cheering reached a crescendo and the spirit and energy I remember from that crowd rekindled.

What a feeling of joy and elation that filled the air, and all of our hearts, as that rainbow, amazingly, surprisingly appeared to grace our gathering of almost 65,000 loving souls. Miracles abound, and in the words of my favorite band, “I need a miracle everyday!”

It was the epic beauty of nature that evening that stole the show and won our hearts, uniting us with nature’s awe-inspiring spirit, through the rainbow connection and a light-filled sunset. This is truth, beauty and love.

On the drive home, a patch of rainbow appeared in the wide open sky above us. “Mom,” said my daughter, abruptly and a little too loudly, as she was listening to her own music with her headphones on. “Is it just me seeing it, or is that a little rainbow?” I joyfully saw it too, and it seemed to expand as I drove along the open road. It stayed above us for a couple hours, to my joy and amazement, giving me comfort and connecting me to the cosmic mystery in a colorful, peaceful and miraculous way that I could not have planned if I tried. So Grateful.


Living Choices

Choices. We make them everyday:

  • Go to school or sleep in
  • Brush your teeth or don’t
  • Work on your project or play on the computer
  • Be on time for the carpool or dilly dally
  • Do yoga or have a beer

And while the consequences of our choices range in intensity, from missing a day of school to getting a cavity or failing math, our decisions impact our lives and the lives of others in more ways than we know.

 “In every moment you make high vibrational choices,

you are supporting our collective consciousness.”

I came across this truth in something I read in passing a few months ago, and it struck me as being so profound, I needed to write it down and display the message to keep reminding me.

I strive to make the right choices when faced with several options, but sometimes (more times than I’d like to acknowledge), I realize in retrospect that I wish I’d made different choices, and I regret it. Despite wanting to live my life with “No Regrets,” the consequences of my decisions often cause me pain or sadness.

Sparking this pondering about choices is a recent decision I made that turned out so wrong. I’ve felt so mad at myself and wished I had followed my heart instead of listened to advice of an outside party.

So a couple days ago while walking my dog I noticed something moving on the ground in the dirt by a bush. It caught my eye and on a closer look, I saw it was a tiny baby bird! Oh my God! I couldn’t believe it. What do I do? Then, as I was kneeling next to it, I saw a second baby bird, moving around on the ground next to it! Another one! I thought about what to do. There was no nest around, and it seemed these birds had fallen from the tree.

I decided I’d take the babies home and take care of them. They were stretching out their wings and opening their beaks, so they seemed strong, but not quite ready to fly. I carefully placed them on the “mutt mitt” I had in my purse, and carried them gingerly home, tugging on Ginger the whole way not to do her business as her bag was otherwise employed for now! photo 2

I got them home and my daughter and I found a shoebox, filled it with some grass and natural materials, and I cut down a small branch from our ficus tree that a hummingbird had made a nest in last Spring, but which was now empty. They were a little tight, but they fit comfortably in the nest! These precious little creatures were so tiny and vulnerable. I gave them a few drops of water using a q-tip, which they took, and I even felt their claws holding onto my hand when I had put them into the nest.

They seemed happy, and were resting nicely in the nest as I figured out what to do and how to take care of them. photo 1 I thought they might be hummingbirds, b/c of the green color on their back, but I couldn’t be sure. I called a vet, who referred me to another vet, the Conejo Valley Vet Hospital. The receptionist who answered was very helpful and advised me the best thing to do would be to put them back where I found them b/c the mother would care for them, even on the ground. “Don’t worry about your smell on them; the mother won’t care at all.”

Wanting to do the best thing for the birds, and thinking of their worried mama, I did what she told me and placed them back near where I’d discovered them, but closer to a tree where they wouldn’t be so out in the open. I prayed they’d be okay, and my daughter and I waited around to see if the mother would find them. She didn’t seem to fly right down to them, but there were lots of birds around, so we figured she’d locate them and they’d be taken care of.

You know how this ends, right? And I hate this part. When I went back to check on them the next morning, they were out of the nest and at first I didn’t see them, but then I noticed 2 small lumps swarming with black ants. How tragic. Pointless. Sad.

And to think I could have probably given them a chance, had I kept them and dropper fed them. Why oh why didn’t I follow my motherly instinct to care for these baby birds in need instead of following the advice of a third party over the phone?

I meant well. But I’m sorry little birdies. The next time I’m faced with a choice like this, I’ll know better what to do. Then, my learning may help another to live.

Energy Points

This thing called energy really is an amazing force. I’m a big believer in synchronicity and following the energy, which reinforce each other.

During a recent late night coughing spasm session with my sick-with-pneumonia child, I realized the power of energy medicine for healing our bodies. After trying everything, from prescription cough medicine to tea with honey and lemon and steam treatments, I sat on my son’s bed, exhausted, and watched his racking cough shake his body until he threw up.

I sighed in frustration and walked out of the room, straight to my book on Energy Medicine, by Donna Eden. I looked up coughing, then lungs and found an entry: lung sedation points. Okay.

I located the points shown in the diagram on my son’s hand, and held three of them for a minute or two. My son’s breathing calmed; he stopped coughing and fell asleep within 10 minutes. Overjoyed, I sent Donna Eden a blessing for publishing this book.

She’s made energy medicine accessible to anyone who can pick up a book and read. The concepts are easy, whether you understand how they work, you just follow the directions, in this case, holding your fingers on three places on the hand, and the lungs respond. There is science, of course, behind it, energetics, and nature. It’s amazing, and so powerful.

I’m discovering so much about energy and how it works in the body. And as it amazes me within, I’m also amazed how energy works outside the body. There is some natural force, and I don’t understand how it works, but I’ve experienced it often, always with a surge of delight and wonder, awe.

Having learned about energy medicine through Donna Eden’s book, I attended a weekend seminar with her and her husband, David Feinstein, at Esalen in Big Sur, California. I knew during the magical weekend that I wanted to learn so much more about energy and how it works as “medicine” for the body. The seminar ended on Sunday afternoon. I drove 4 hours back home, excited more than ever about energy medicine.

The next day I drove to Santa Barbara to do a little work and also shop with my daughter along Main Street. As we browsed through the gemstone rings in a jewelery store, a woman entered the store. “Excuse me?” she said, causing me to look up. As she asked for directions, I drew in a breath, excited!

“Oh my God! Donna!” It was Donna Eden, herself. In the flesh. I said hello and told her I’d just been at her Esalen conference the day before. We laughed at how funny it would be for us to meet up right then in Santa Barbara! She lived in Ashland, Oregon, and just happened to be shopping in Santa Barbara with her daughter.

So what does it mean? And how does it work? Energy knows. I just know that’s how it goes.

I love Joseph Campbell, influencer of Star Wars’ George Lucas and a student of Carl Jung, he just has this incredible way of putting into words life’s many esoteric mysteries… and I love how the Universe once in a while “shows us the light in the strangest of places when we look at them right”…

As this angstful eclipse energy – and Mercury retrograde too – ramps up emotions so that they’re spinning intensely, keeping our balance while riding these waves of seismic activity is an art.

Campbell (and yoga) help me find that sweet spot, hidden in the barrels of the rolling waves, without being crushed when they crash, by shedding light on and making sense of our emotions to make it easier to understand and reflect on why they are what they are. In his “Reflections on the Art of Living: A Joseph Campbell Companion,” Campbell writes about a certain male fish that has a dark upper body and a light lower body, so that he is camouflaged and safe from danger when looking up or down at it. But… and here’s the good part:

 “When this particular fish is in love, his color shifts so that he’ll be visible. This puts him in danger, you see, and it seems to be symbolic of this love thing. You give up self-protection when this other comes along and you are seized with erotic compulsion.”

Despite the risks, fish do not control their natural instincts so that they can stay invisible and safe. No, without even thinking about it (probably), they change colors and take their chances.

While we humans can often learn some lessons from nature, we still get to decide if we’re going to go with the flow of our instincts or play it safe and resist these forces of nature.

While we never know where love will go, if we don’t try, we’ll never know (someone said; I’m saying it today, and others have said it before, like Smokey Robinson and The Miracles and, of course, the Jerry Garcia Band):

What are you fishing for? And, even more, when you catch it, can you reel it in and keep it real, without killing it?

Seeds of Change

Not too long ago, I wrote about how happy I was that my holy basil plant was thriving. I’d grown it from seed and it was now over a year old. photo 3 (2)

About 2 weeks ago, I spotted a little critter on the plant. photo 1 (3)

It was stark still, holding its body perpendicular to the plant. “It’s getting ready to form a chrysalis,” I thought to myself. Leaving it there to do its thing, I envisioned the “holy butterfly” that was going to emerge.

Little did I know, its “thing” was to eat every single leaf off my basil plant! When I went out the next day, I was horrified! The leaves were gone and so was the caterpillar, off to find more of my plants to munch. Now I know this is nature’s way, but did it have to eat every single leaf?!

I thought my plant would come back, but after a week of looking at the withering stem turning brown and not one new leaf sprouting, I resigned to the fact that it was gone. I pulled the stem out, feeling the roots break… with a heavy heart. I couldn’t toss it aside, so I hopefully set it in another pot of soil, just in case…

In the meantime, I planted more seeds in its place. It got me thinking about the fleeting nature of life, and pretty much all things. We never know how long they’ll be around, and we can count on the fact that everything changes… as I wrote on a friend’s nostalgic post today about his old house being bulldozed to make room for a new home, “Change is the only constant.”

Change is part of the life cycle. Resist it as we may, we can’t stop it. We can only accept what is and appreciate what we have, in the moment.

Change often brings sorrow, bittersweet melancholy feelings about what we can’t “change.”

Such was the case with the big waves about a month ago (in September) that washed away the Cove House at Sycamore Beach in Malibu. Many of us watched, in horror, as the waves crashed up against the Cove House, destroying its foundation and eventually pulling it out to sea… leaving us only with the memories of what used to be, a house where so much fun was had… Now, the beach remains, with only splintered pieces of wood as proof that the house was ever there at all…photo 4

The Grateful Dead captured the feeling so well (as they so often did) in “The Music Never Stopped”:

“No one’s noticed, but the band’s all packed and gone
Was it ever there at all?

But they keep on dancin’
C’mon children, c’mon children, come on, clap your hands…
And the fields are full of dancin’
Full of singin’ and romancin’
The music never stopped…”

And there is the key… to hear the music, if only in your memory, and keep on dancing… through the changes of our times, because, in the words of another musical sage, “the times they are a changing…”

Planting new seeds, we continue to grow.

Hatching a Plan

Summer, my favorite season, represents sunshine, relaxation and lounging! And this summer delivered us an extra dose of joy… and anticipation, in our own backyard. I almost said, “with no effort by us,” but then I realized, this may not be true. While we didn’t consciously prepare for our summer surprise, we did create the conditions for it to happen. We (okay, mostly I) cleared our clutter in the backyard, added some beautiful greenery and plants and made a little backyard sanctuary.

So what happened?

Well… I was sitting in my patio chair last month when I looked up and saw this:


“What is that?” I asked myself, shaking off a fleeting fear that it was a wasp’s nest or something. I don’t recall the exact moment I realized it was a nest, but not a scary one… a beautiful mama hummer had decided to make a home for her soon-to-arrive egg/babies in a ficus tree right in front of our sliding glass door in our backyard! (Expect good things!)

I was so thrilled to realize it was a nest and set off researching how long after the nest was built the babies should be expected. We eagerly waited, happily watching mama hummer flit in and out of the nest in preparation.

Then… a little while later, we peeked inside the nest and sure enough, an egg!


I read that sometimes the mama will lay another egg a day later, and she did! Two eggs!!!

Now came more waiting for them to hatch… 14-16 days, I read online. When 16 days came and went, I started to wonder if those eggs would ever hatch, and a friend/vet/bird expert said sometimes they don’t hatch. I expectantly waited nevertheless, having several dreams about the nest being moved, knocked down and the babies being harmed… why do we do this?

Then after a few more days, I saw mama hummer perched on the side of her nest with her beak inside! Babies!! I was filled with exhilaration and excitement! They hatched (have faith!)!!

We tried to take a picture without getting too close, and they are hard to make out, but we know they are there!

See them?!


I marveled at the miracle of nature, where a tiny little bird labors for days finding little pieces of natural materials to build a solid, stable home, laying eggs and sitting patiently − regally in our mama’s case − and then caring for the little tiny babies, restlessly. (Amazing what one little creature can do!)

Mama hummer twitters and flies around us when we’re in the yard now, letting us know she expects her space. Now we’re anticipating seeing the babies learn to fly! (Great expectations!) I saw a tiny little beak in the nest when I tried to peek inside… again, being so careful not to get too close and disturb them.

The miracle of new creations right in my own backyard is the perfect reminder to cultivate beauty in our surroundings, because we never know what wonderful things will hatch when we clear our spaces and create serene, natural environments, with love.