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“Your prayers and questions are being answered by synchronistic events. Notice them in order to increase their flow.”lavenderlabyrinth


Before & After

As we were cleaning up an area in our backyard for my daughter’s new bunny, I noticed there were several stepping stones buried in the grass. The area was overgrown, and I thought I might arrange the stepping stones in a mandala or something. I began to cut the long grass, and I was so surprised at what started to be revealed… at first I wasn’t sure, but as I worked more and more, clearing the area, I unearthed an amazingly awesome design.


This mandala had been here for more than a year, ever since we moved in, and we never noticed it because the grass was totally hiding it. And we never looked!!!

Just goes to show what wonderful surprises are right under our noses, if we just put in a little effort to notice and be aware of our surroundings and cut back the weeds (whatever form they are in), what a transformation can occur! I wonder what else I’ll unearth and discover in the next few weeks. I know I’ll be looking for those hidden treasures… Awe-some!!



Look at it Right

“Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.” Thank you Jerry Garcia et al. for those lyrics, another true observation of life.

Perception is everything. I didn’t notice this flower sticking its tongue out at me, or even its eyes when I took the picture. There was so much beauty around us in the botanical gardens, I didn’t notice the details on this one at first. When I looked at the pictures closer, one by one, I immediately noticed this one making a face at me! Love it!

Funny how our perceptions of things can change from one moment to the next, depending on the circumstances. There’s always more than one way to look at the same thing. Thankfully. Take the flower… is it angry or being funny? I’ll go with the funny any day…

Nice to have a choice. Flower will, or is that free will? However you choose to perceive it, have fun!!!!! Do what feels good. And when we take the time to look at the lighter side of life, once in a while, we’ll be surprised at what we see!!!

Eclipse-nicity, Easy Does It.


Last week, one of my best friends gave me this beautiful stone bowl she had bought for me on a trip to Northern California. “I can’t wait to see what you’ll put in it,” she told me.

On Sunday, we were lucky enough to view the solar eclipse with a group of great friends at Sycamore Beach. We had Eclipse Shades from my daughter’s class, and we were sharing them with several people on the beach. The mood was amazingly friendly, with strangers talking to one another as if they were old friends and a general feeling of unity in the air.

As the eclipse was at its peak, almost resembling the “ring of fire” like the stone bowl, with one circle inside of another, I felt something brush against my leg, demanding my attention. I looked down and saw a feather had bumped into my thigh. “Wow,” I said to my friends, “this was obviously meant for me.”

My wise angelical friend, CC confirmed that. “Yes, this is your feather for ceremony. You need to find a stone bowl to put your sage in, and wave it with this feather.” Well, I didn’t need to find the stone bowl, because it was “coincidentally” just given to me a day before.

Sometimes things come easy………….. thank you Universe!


It’s Amazing

Realizing our potential will lead to unimaginable greatness and abundance. If we tap in to our innate wisdom and apply our talents, it is AMAZING what we can do.

So how do we do this? First, we must have a certain level of relaxation and peace in our spirit. Visit the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine to achieve this. Look up…

Ahhh…. Ohm…


Hear the flow…

“Take it Slow” the turtles remind us.

Peace… Step 1.

Mandala Magic

Carl Jung believed Mandalas symbolize the pattern of wholeness within each one of us. Within the center of us, is the Self, the true center of the psyche, which is an energizing force calling us to fulfill our possibilities, our potential and to experience wholeness, which each one of us can do. In our modern lives, many of us are seeking something, even if we don’t know it. If we’re not seeking, we’re too busy and/or too preoccupied with our vices and addictions to wake up and realize who we are and why we’re here.

Collectively, our consciousness is transforming and expanding to encompass greater wholeness and health. We are being led to wake up……… I see mandalas everywhere, in nature… silently chanting wake up people, wake up…

look for nature mandalas soon……..