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Oh Toro!

toroOn August 7, 2017, I was invited to a full moon ceremony by a friend (who ended up missing the event!). Five of us gathered around the fire to honor the sacred journey we’re living and to set intentions (and let go of other things) for the next moon cycle.

As I drove home post-ceremony, I drove out of my friend’s residential neighborhood and was greeted by flashing lights. Was it a roadblock? My light turned green, but I wasn’t sure if I should move or stay… and then one of the police SUVs with flashing lights drove into the intersection. Something strange was happening… but I wasn’t sure what, and then, I saw it! A cow! Yes, a cow was running down the road in this residential area; at the intersection it made a right turn. A cow?! I wanted to take a picture of this strange unexpected sight, but I thought better of it, as too many police SUVs were there, so I drove on and instead, texted my friend about the cow running down the road.

Too weird! Flash forward two weeks to August 21. My daughter and I were driving to watch the solar eclipse, and this huge truck with a Toro company emblem was in front of us, making us drive very slowly. And that’s when I knew; it had to be!

My friend had told me about a week earlier that the cow I’d seen running down the road was actually a bull. A mutual acquaintance of ours had been boarding the bull at his ranch a few miles from where I’d seen it running down the road, and he had recently posted the sad outcome of the escaped bull. Apparently the bull had somehow made it to the 101 freeway! It ran down the freeway, only to be hit, head on, by a Tesla!

This seemingly strange occurrence contains some interesting synchronicity for me, and I’m sure there is a message I’m supposed to be hearing. I’m still trying to figure it all out, but this is what I know so far.

Several years ago, I dated a man named Antonio who lived in Minnesota, but worked in California for a company called… Toro. Tony sadly died from ALS, and I wrote a book, Firefly, about our love and the time we shared together. Toro means bull. Way back when, Tony had given me a little plastic bull that I still have today; I remembered seeing it in my planter where it had somehow landed after a move 9 months ago. Tesla is my all-time favorite car. Every time I see a Tesla, I say, “Tesla baby!” and hope to have a Tesla one day… I have a whole plan to write for Tesla as Tesla Tracy.” So the fact that the bull (toro) I happened to chance upon seeing after leaving the full moon ceremony ended up being hit by a Tesla, to me says something.

My friend read me some information about the spiritual significance of the bull, which includes security and spirituality. I researched a few sites too:

“The Bull, or Bison, is a symbol of abundance and manifesting goals.” -http://astromatrix.org

“Some cultures, however, tie the Bull to moon worship because of this spirit animal guide’s crescent-shaped horns. This gives Ox the ability to bridge between two worlds – that of sun and moon, and that of intuition and reason. Nonetheless, the Ox has a very stubborn, fierce side that requires taming and guidance.” -WhatsMySpiritAnimal.com

Being aware of messages given to us from spirit adds a dimension of depth and exciting reality to life here on Earth. Interpreting and understanding these signs we’re given is an art of living. Ole!