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Forces of Nature ~ Reeling in the Real

I love Joseph Campbell, influencer of Star Wars’ George Lucas and a student of Carl Jung, he just has this incredible way of putting into words life’s many esoteric mysteries… and I love how the Universe once in a while “shows us the light in the strangest of places when we look at them right”…

As this angstful eclipse energy – and Mercury retrograde too – ramps up emotions so that they’re spinning intensely, keeping our balance while riding these waves of seismic activity is an art.

Campbell (and yoga) help me find that sweet spot, hidden in the barrels of the rolling waves, without being crushed when they crash, by shedding light on and making sense of our emotions to make it easier to understand and reflect on why they are what they are. In his “Reflections on the Art of Living: A Joseph Campbell Companion,” Campbell writes about a certain male fish that has a dark upper body and a light lower body, so that he is camouflaged and safe from danger when looking up or down at it. But… and here’s the good part:

 “When this particular fish is in love, his color shifts so that he’ll be visible. This puts him in danger, you see, and it seems to be symbolic of this love thing. You give up self-protection when this other comes along and you are seized with erotic compulsion.”

Despite the risks, fish do not control their natural instincts so that they can stay invisible and safe. No, without even thinking about it (probably), they change colors and take their chances.

While we humans can often learn some lessons from nature, we still get to decide if we’re going to go with the flow of our instincts or play it safe and resist these forces of nature.

While we never know where love will go, if we don’t try, we’ll never know (someone said; I’m saying it today, and others have said it before, like Smokey Robinson and The Miracles and, of course, the Jerry Garcia Band):

What are you fishing for? And, even more, when you catch it, can you reel it in and keep it real, without killing it?


Eclipse-nicity, Easy Does It.


Last week, one of my best friends gave me this beautiful stone bowl she had bought for me on a trip to Northern California. “I can’t wait to see what you’ll put in it,” she told me.

On Sunday, we were lucky enough to view the solar eclipse with a group of great friends at Sycamore Beach. We had Eclipse Shades from my daughter’s class, and we were sharing them with several people on the beach. The mood was amazingly friendly, with strangers talking to one another as if they were old friends and a general feeling of unity in the air.

As the eclipse was at its peak, almost resembling the “ring of fire” like the stone bowl, with one circle inside of another, I felt something brush against my leg, demanding my attention. I looked down and saw a feather had bumped into my thigh. “Wow,” I said to my friends, “this was obviously meant for me.”

My wise angelical friend, CC confirmed that. “Yes, this is your feather for ceremony. You need to find a stone bowl to put your sage in, and wave it with this feather.” Well, I didn’t need to find the stone bowl, because it was “coincidentally” just given to me a day before.

Sometimes things come easy………….. thank you Universe!