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Before & After

As we were cleaning up an area in our backyard for my daughter’s new bunny, I noticed there were several stepping stones buried in the grass. The area was overgrown, and I thought I might arrange the stepping stones in a mandala or something. I began to cut the long grass, and I was so surprised at what started to be revealed… at first I wasn’t sure, but as I worked more and more, clearing the area, I unearthed an amazingly awesome design.


This mandala had been here for more than a year, ever since we moved in, and we never noticed it because the grass was totally hiding it. And we never looked!!!

Just goes to show what wonderful surprises are right under our noses, if we just put in a little effort to notice and be aware of our surroundings and cut back the weeds (whatever form they are in), what a transformation can occur! I wonder what else I’ll unearth and discover in the next few weeks. I know I’ll be looking for those hidden treasures… Awe-some!!